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TGIF: Cherry Beer-Garita Recipe

12 oz. Cherry flavored soda
12 oz. Tequila
12 oz. Corona (1 bottle)
12 oz. Frozen Limeade Concentrate (1 bottle)

What happens when you mix a Corona, tequila, and cherry-limeade goodness? You’re destined for some trouble…and a good time. So what better way to ring in the end of July (and national tequila day!) than with this effortlessly easy cherry cocktail? Start by pouring the frozen limeade in an empty pitcher, and later mix in the soda and alcohol (use the empty limeade can as a DIY measuring cup!) Serve over ice or leave in the freezer for a chilled treat. Then, simply top off with a lime wedge and cherry garnish. That’s all there is to it, kids! These drinks are perfect for entertaining, whether big parties or small. But be warned, cherry beer-garitas are sure to bring home the title as the life of the party.  

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Designer for the Day

Student by day, fashion designer by…night? Now you can be all thanks to Fendi. The fashion brand has just launched the super cool app, myBaguette—a place to design your own Fendi Baguette. Creative director, Sylvia Venturini Fendi gives users the artistic reigns to produce a custom design from start to finish. The app is like a blank canvas, equipped with paint colors, brushes, and even photo filters for those Instagram enthusiasts. Fendi’s free app, now available on Android and the Iphone, was released to pay homage to the iconic bag—and its many identities (from sequins to vivid fringe) since 1997. Once on the app, the fashion aficionado can upload their designs to the community gallery, where Fendi will claim one design as “Baguette of the Month.” Over the years, designers like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons have placed their creative mark on the iconic handbag. Isn’t it time that you do the same?

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Written by Kelsey Starner

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Remember when...

Fashion Blogger Stacey aka devorelebeaumonstre wore our neon top 

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The Strappy Sandal that Could

April showers bring May flowers…and the Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal? Originally popping up all over the Spring ’14 runways, this strappy shoe has become a sweet summer sensation. It seems that everywhere you turn, celebs are wiggling their toes into Mr. Weitzman’s creation. Commonly referred to as the “Nudist” sandal, the shoes might appear subtle, but boy do they pack a punch. Taylor Schilling, for instance, accessorized her white 2013 Emmy’s gown with a pair of golden Weitzman heels. Even Queen B swears by them, claiming the style as her performance footwear of choice. So what factors contribute to the shoe’s must-have reputation? For starters, the 5-inch heel, produced in eight glamorous shades, wondrously makes legs appear longer and leaner. Even more, with such a minimalist feel, the sandals allow for the easiest of transitions from cocktail to casual. So what’s holding you back? Splurge a little—we have a feeling this sandal is here to stay. 

Written by Kelsey Starner; photo via fashionbombdaily

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Beach Lovers

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The only thing we are thinking lately is go to the beach and get some tan,and you?